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展会日期 2019-07-10 至 2019-07-12
展出城市 上海
展出地址 上海市龙阳路2345号/地铁2号线龙阳路站7号线花木路站
展馆名称 上海新国际博览中心 SNIEC-N1/N2/N3
主办单位 上海雅辉展览博盈彩票平台
 礼品展/2019上海礼品展/2019上海国际礼品展/2019中国礼品展/2019中国上海礼品展/2019中国国际礼品展/礼品展/2019上海礼品展/2019上海国际礼品展/2019中国礼品展/2019中国上海礼品展/2019中国国际礼品展/2019 Shanghai Gifts & Home Expo/2019 Shanghai Gifts & Home Show/2019 Shanghai Gifts & Home Exhibition/
2019 China Gifts & Home Expo/2019 China Gifts & Home Show/2019 China Gifts & Home Exhibition
17th Shanghai International Gifts & Home Products Expo 2019
Time: July 10-12, 2019
地点:上海新国际博览中心 SNIEC-N1/N2/N3
 SNIEC-N1/N2/N3 (no. 2345, Longyang Road, Shanghai)
规模:40000平方米   展位:2000个   参展商:1200家   观众:60000人  
上海礼品展咨询电话:  王琳  15216868620(兼微信)  QQ:2355889575
Contact:  wanglin  Telephone: 86-15216868620(WeChat)  Email:2355889575@qq.com
Hosted by:
Shanghai Yahui Exhibition Co. Ltd.
See the trend, find new products, seek business opportunities, meet business partners
Welcome to the 17th Shanghai International Gifts & Home Products Expo 2019 (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai gift expo), Shanghai gift expo is rooted in Shanghai, radiates to east China, integrates advantageous resources, deeply digs market demand, and successfully creates the leading exhibition of gifts, promotional items and home products in east China. 
2019 Shanghai gift expo will gather suppliers and manufacturers of gifts, promotional items, conference gifts, welfare and business gifts, handicrafts, home products and other categories, as well as provide an efficient platform for nearly 60,000 professional visitors and buyers from gift companies, wholesalers and retailers from several provinces in east China to observe samples and discuss cooperation. The expo provides wholesalers, distributors, traditional retailers, network distributors and enterprise customers of gift channels in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and surrounding areas with products and brands from China and even overseas and selected by market, to effectively assist buyers to capture trends, draw inspiration, plan product lines, find excellent brands, creative design, strength factories and quality suppliers, establish contacts, develop cooperation and customize procurement.
     上海新国际博览中心(SNIEC)位于上海浦东,SNIEC拥有17个单层无柱式展厅,室内展览面积200,000平方米,室外展览面积100,000平方米, 每年举办约80余场知名展览会, 吸引300余万名海内外客商。凭借其先进而实用的展馆设施,以及专业的服务品质,已成为促进国内外经济往来的重大国际展会平台。
[Brief introduction of Shanghai new international expo center]
Shanghai new international expo center (SNIEC) is located in Pudong, Shanghai, SNIEC has 17 single-storey, column-free exhibition halls with an indoor exhibition area of 200,000 square meters and an outdoor exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, about 80 well-known exhibitions are held every year, more than 3 million domestic and overseas merchants are attracted. With its advanced and practical exhibition facilities and professional service quality, it has become a major international exhibition platform to promote economic exchanges at home and abroad.
■ 工艺礼品
■ 促销广告类/低价定制促销品
■ 电子(消费电子、可穿戴产品)、小家电及数码产品
■ 杯壶
■ 厨具
■ 文具及文化用品
■ 家庭用品(伞、餐厨、家居、服装、毛巾、户外、玩具、母婴、汽车用品)
■ 智能科技类礼品(智能手环、智能扫地机、智能穿戴、智能眼镜、智能台灯)
■ 家居用品(家居日用及装饰品、收纳用品、家装用品、软装饰品)
■ 箱包、皮具、手袋
■ 五金工具类
■ 生活电器、厨房电器
■ 健康食品、节令食品
■ 家纺
■ 运动及休闲旅游户外用品、旅游纪念品
■ 品牌产品
■ 收藏品
■ 赠品类
■ 服装定制类
■ 钟表
■ 陶瓷、水晶及玻璃制品
■ 珠宝及时尚饰品 
■ 包装及纸制品
■ 新奇特礼品、原创创意类
■ 动漫授权、卡通玩具
Exhibits range:
■ Handicrafts
■ Promotional advertising/low price customized promotions
■ Electronics (consumer electronics, wearable products), small appliances and digital products
■ Kettle
■ Kitchenware
■ Stationery and cultural supplies
■Household articles (umbrella, kitchen, home, clothing, towel, outdoor, toys, maternal and child?supplies, automobile articles)
■Intelligent technology gifts(intelligent bracelet, intelligent sweeping machine, intelligent wear, intelligent glasses, intelligent desk lamp)
■ Household articles (household articles and decorations, storage articles, household articles, soft decorating accessories)
■ Luggage, leather goods
■ Hardware?&?tools?
■ Household appliances and kitchen appliances
■ Healthy food and seasonal food
■ Home textile
■ Sports and leisure travel articles, travel souvenirs
■ Brand products
■ Collection
■ Gift
■ Custom-made clothing
■ Clock
■ Ceramics, crystal and glass
■ Jewelry and fashion accessories
■ Packaging and paper products
■ New unique gifts, original creative category
■ Animation authorization, cartoon toys
Last year’s audience situation and target buyers
The 16th Shanghai international gifts, gifts and household goods exhibition 2018 has been successfully held from June 8 to 10, 2018.. The exhibition area of 30,000 square meters brought together 37,500 professional audiences, a total of 886 gift and household goods brands from 20 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, 241 domestic and overseas media and 63 Chinese and foreign journalists were attracted to report on the event. With the concept of “all-channel, all-resource and all-mode”, the expo set up a trading platform for all participants to communicate and cooperate. According to the data of last year’s buyers, the number of visitors reached 37,500, and the number of professional buyers reached over 15,000. Among them, 70% were Chinese audiences and 30% were foreign ones, among which 43.26% were gift companies, manufacturers, suppliers, importers and exporters, wholesalers, agents and retailers; Public relations planning companies, banks, insurance, securities, multinational companies, groups, advertising companies, creative design companies accounted for 15.52%, department stores, supermarkets, counters, boutiques, franchisees, gift stores accounted for 12.21%; The proportion of online shopping mall, online distribution and procurement office was 11.00%; Product designers and high-end consumers accounted for 9.20%, the business and trade offices of foreign embassies in China, purchasers from local tourism administration and scenic spots, buyers from major star-rated hotels, villas and other high-end properties and real estate developers, private clubs, high-end clubs, individual restaurants and individual stores in Shanghai accounted for 7.56%. Among them, the arrival of VIP special guests and professional VIP buyers of some terminal customers of the company visiting the expo enabled the participating gift customization suppliers to gain business opportunities to expand the cooperation of major customer orders .
* 礼品公司,公关策划公司,广告公司,创意设计公司(以华东地区为主)
* 代理商,经销商,批发商,零售商(以华东地区为主)
* 百货商场、超市、专柜、精品店、加盟连锁店
* 网上商城、网络分销
* 产品设计师、高端消费人群
* 各大星级酒店采购商、别墅等高档物业及房地产商等
* 上海各大私人俱乐部、高级会所、个性餐厅、个性门店等
* 使领馆人员、国内外收藏家
* 国内各地方旅游局及风景区采购商
* 银行、保险、证券、装饰公司、跨国公司、集团公司、医药、汽车4S店等
* 参观展会的部分公司终端客户
中国银行,上海大众,佳能,中国移动通信,中国电信,浦发银行,可口可乐,中国建设银行,IBM, 麦当劳,宝马,LG,中粮集团,柯达,本田,松下,惠普,中国工商银行,三菱,国美电器,苏宁,京东,沃尔玛,亚马逊等
You can reach the following people here
* Gift company, public relations planning company, advertising company, creative design company (mainly in east China)
* Agents, distributors, wholesalers, retailers (mainly in east China)
* Department stores, supermarkets, counters, boutiques, chain stores
* online mall, network distribution
* Product designers, high-end consumer group
* Major star-rated hotel buyers, villas and other high-end properties and real estate business
* Shanghai private clubs, high - class clubs, individual restaurants, individual stores and so on
* Embassy personnel, domestic and foreign collectors
* Local tourism administration in China and scenic spot buyers
* Bank, insurance, securities, decoration companies, multinational companies, group companies, hospitals, automobile 4S stores
* Some company terminal customers who visit the expo
Bank of China, Shanghai Volkswagen, Canon, China mobile, China Telecom, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Coca Cola, China Construction Bank, IBM, McDonald's, BMW, LG, Cofco, Kodak, Honda, Panasonic, HP, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Mitsubishi, Gome, Suning,Jingdong, Wal-mart, Amazon, etc.
A 区 豪华展位人民币12800元/个(9平方米)
B 区 豪华展位人民币11800 元/个(9平方米)
C 区 豪华展位人民币10800 元/个(9平方米)
A 区 标准展位人民币9800 元/个(9平方米)
B 区 标准展位人民币8800 元/个(9平方米)
室内光地:人民币1000 元/平方米(最少18平方米)
[Booth price]
Booth changed on a standard basis
12 square meters luxury booth RMB 17,000 / piece (12 square meters)
12 square meters standard booth RMB 13,000 / piece (12 square meters)
Luxury booth:
Area A luxury booth RMB 12,800 / piece (9 square meters)
Area B luxury booth RMB 11,800 / piece (9 square meters)
Area C luxury booth RMB 10,800 / piece (9 square meters)
Standard booth:
Area A standard booth RMB 9,800 / piece (9 square meters)
Area B standard booth RMB 8,800 / piece (9 square meters)
Note: 500 yuan for each double open booth
Indoor raw space: RMB 1000 / m2 (minimum 18 m2)
When set up the raw space booth, you will be required to pay the site management and space management fees to the pavilion construction management office.
参展联系:王琳 女士(Ms.wang) 手机:15216868620
Fax:(+86 21)5156 1778  
在线企业 QQ:2355889575
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Shanghai Gift Expo Committee  Shanghai Yahui Exhibition Co. Ltd.
  Address: Room 702, building 34, no. 518, Xinzhuan Road, Caohejing Songjiang Industrial Park, Shanghai  Postcode: 201619
  Contact:  wanglin   
Telephone: 86-15216868620 (WeChat)
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